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Introducing:Tsaglis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A single sourced, all natural Greek extra virgin olive oil, which far surpasses the minimum requirements to be called 'extra virgin'. Packed with antioxidants and many other compounds which are beneficial for the body. One smell and one taste is all you will need, and you will understand why both ancient and modern humans have dubbed Greek extra virgin olive oil as "Liquid Gold".

Our olive tree groves are in a pristine, beautiful, and most ancient land.

It is here in the mountains overlooking the historical Navarino bay, and ancient city of Pylos (Top left of picture) where the olives used in making Tsaglis Extra Virgin Olive Oil are cultivated. A couple miles away but not pictured are also: Nestor's Palace (described in Homer's Odyssey), the village of Iklenia (The hub of productrion for Tsaglis extra virgin olive oil) where a 3,500 year old linear B tablet was found which is the oldest government record in Europe, and many other archaeological sites littered throughout the region.

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